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Business Class Tank Top

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A classic tank top made from pure, high-quality cotton. Only varieties of cotton with long fibres are used here. Before the cotton is processed to create the opaque, fine rib fabric, any impurities, knots and shorter fibres are removed. This high-quality, fine-rib fabric is very soft and has a fine, smooth surface. Other positive features include excellent absorbency and a low allergenic potential. The fine rib ensures exceptional comfort because it does not scratch. It is stretchy and holds its shape very well. The tank top comes in a classic style and is sufficiently long to make it very versatile. It has a relaxed fit and leaves the shoulders fairly free. Flat seams ensure additional comfort. This tank top has a low round neckline. It is timeless, with a classic masculine look. The tank top focuses exclusively on what really matters and represents a classic underwear style. It can be worn as part of an informal business look.

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