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idea d'italia

Pure Comfort Briefs

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Pima cotton is the basic material for this elegant collection. The particularly fine fibres in Pima cotton are characterised by their durability and strength. These cotton plants are predominantly grown in countries with an equatorial climate. The fibres are also longer than those in normal cotton. Only fibres from Pima cotton can give our briefs their pleasantly soft feel. They also create an elegant matte finish, which is another hallmark of the collection. This high-quality cotton is also suitable for sensitive skin because its fine texture does not scratch. A perfect fit is ensured by the added elastane component as well as the high-quality processing used to transform the raw material into an ultrafine cotton jersey. The briefs are wonderfully figure-hugging and will not lose their shape even after frequent wear. The cotton jersey made from exquisite Pima cotton is an easy-care fabric, offering guaranteed comfort. It has excellent absorbent properties, which make it particularly suitable for tight-fitting briefs. Cotton's natural fibres are also breathable. Their allergy potential is rated as very low. Subtle details in these briefs underscore the unique design aspirations and create a sense of pure well-being for your skin, which naturally means they are also wonderfully comfortable to wear. These briefs can be combined perfectly with any top.

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